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Beaches in Kerala

Kovalam Beach - Best beach in Kerala

Kovalam one of the finest and most beautiful beaches in Kerala, is located at 12 kilometers south of Thiruvanathapuram. With the blue waters and coconut palms, Kovalam is a sheltered bay. Kovalam is known for its silvery curve sand and greehn palms of groves. There is a beautiful bay of calm waters, formed by a high rocky land jutting into the sea, this enables one for sea bathing. The silver sands of the beach are so clean and warm, that one can take sun bathe too.


Shanghumukham Beach, Trivandrum

A popular city beach, shanghumukham is situated 8 kilometers from the capital city. This beach provides a nice view of sunset. Also the 35 meters long sculpture of a mermaid, the "Matsya Kanyaka" adds to the beauty of the beach.


Somatheeram Beach, Trivandrum, Kerala

It is 20 km away from Trivandrum city. This beach is called as a mortal's dream destination. This is famous for ayurvedic treatment centers. If u want to achieve perfect peace and blossom in life then u must rejuvenate your mind and body. This can be achieved in this beach. It is about 15 acres of green land which takes us to world of visual ecstacy.


Varkala Beach in Kollam, Kerala

Kerala beaches are pleasantly warm in winter. So, tourists usually visit Varkala beach during the month of October, Novemebr. Varkala is 55 km from Trivandrum and 38 km from Kollam. Varkala beach is known for mineral springs and fantastic massage parlours which are famous for aromatherapy massage. The mineral springs are said to have curative properties. The massage technique has been kept as a secret for thousands of years.


Marari Beach, Alappuzha, Kerala

It is right in the heart of the "spice coast" just 55 km from Cochin or just 20 minutes from Alappuzha. It is the tremendous stretch of soft sandy beach fringed with palm and warm pleasant climate. The name Marari originates from "Mararikulam", one of the local fishing villages. There is a good resort also which satisfies the tourists by providing great facilities in kerala lifestyle.


Fort Cochin beach, Kerala

The historic fort kochi is 12 kms from Ernakulam city. It was an obscure fishing village in past. Later it became the first European township in India. The city was shaped by the Portuguese, the Dutch and later the British.


Chavakkad Beach, Thrissur, Kerala

This beach is just 5 km from Guruvayoor. Chavakkad Beach is blessed with natural beauty. It is the place where the sea confluences with a river. This meeting of the sea with the river is known as Azhimukham" in Kerala. This beach is very quiet and with pleasant climate is ideal for tourism.


Vallikkunnu Beach

The main attractions of this beach are a beach resort and kadalundi bird sanctuary. The resort is set in the middle of a coconut grove. The sanctuary is only a few distance away from the beach.


Beypore Beach, Kozhikode(Calicut)

A small coastal town, boat building industry, prominent port, fishing harbor of ancient kerala etc, these features are related to Beypore, located at the mouth of the river Chaliyar, 10 km south of Calicut. This has been the favorite destination among Arabs shopping for large boats. The "Khalasis" or the traditional boat builders build the country crafts called "Uru". The boat building yard here is very famous.


Kappad beach, Calicut, Kerala

Kappad beach gains historic importance from the fact that Vasco-da-Gama landed here with 170 men in three vessels in 1498. The landing place is marked by a small stone monument which is considered as a memorial. This rock studded pleasant beach is also known as Kappakadavu. The sprawling rock that protrudes into the sea grabs the attention of tourists. A very ancient temple, said to be 800 years old is present on this rock. Another feature is the Kappad beach resort, which forms one of the leading ayurvedic centers of kerala.


Ezhimala Beach, Kannur, Kerala

Ezhimala, the strange seven-peaked range is known for its rare medical herbs having mythological (Ramayana) significance. The Ezhimala beach lies at the northern boundary of Kannur. An olden tower, Mount Deli light house is about 50 km from here. It is a restricted area maintained by Navy. The sea here is more blue and of a different texture. One can enjoy watching dolphins at the Ettikulam bay.


Payyambalam Beach, Kannur, Kerala

Payyambalam is a local picnic spot, 2 km from kannur. The beach is only at walking distance from fort St: Angelo. This long lovely beach, with its quiet and calm environment makes the people to enjoy their evenings here. Flat Laterite cliffs which jut into the sea at one end add to the beauty of the beach.


Bekal Beach in Kasargod, Kerala

This beautiful beach with Bekal fort in the background is being developed as international tourist spot. Bakel Fort which is 300 years old is the largest and best preserved fort in kerala. It is 16 km south of kasargode on the national high way. The fort stands on 35 acre head land that runs into the Arabian sea and is 130 feet above sea level.